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Here I document my experiences as a young transgender woman through my personal blog, I’mCoreyRae. I use this site to elevate my story as well as other LGBTQ+ community members.

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1 Year

1 Year

CoreyRae.com is officially one year old. A plethora of thoughts are running through my mind as I sit to write this post. First and foremost, I want to thank each and every reader for following my journey throughout this 12 month rollercoaster. Without your continued support and inclination to read more I’m not sure if my writing career would have flourished.

I have had immense highs and deep lows within this year in both my business and personal life. I feel I have accomplished a great deal and yet not enough at the same time; after each accomplishment my goals have broadened and the transgender movement has grown stronger.

A year ago to date, I took the stealth journey I had planned for myself and threw it out the window. It took a copy and paste of a link and the click of a status update on Facebook to change my life going full speed ahead. On June 27th, 2016 I launched my site with my first blog post, “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself,” and felt relieved to unveil that five year long secret.

I feel free in ways I didn’t think were possible. Through this blog, and experiencing life as an “out” transgender woman, I have continued to grow and become even more comfortable with who I am. My dating life in many ways has become both complicated and difficult, but the ones who stay for the person that I am makes being my true self worth it. By allowing the world to know I’m transgender, I have been able to weed out any closed minded seeds more easily than I could have hoped for. I know one of the struggles I, or any trans-person will always have to face, is finding someone who’s interest in me exceeds their desire to appease anyone else’s outside opinions. As much as I want to find someone to be with eventually, within this year I have also become appreciative of being single. For the first time in my life I don’t long for a boyfriend or want to get back with my ex. I truly can’t imagine being in a relationship at this point in my life; and for once my focus is not on finding a lover but on guiding the transgender community and our youth.

Because of this blog I’ve shed light on situations people outside of the LGBTQ+ spectrum have never thought about beyond surface level. I’ve been able to give guidance, love, and support to the individuals (both trans and not) who have reached out to me. When I reflect on these past 365 days, I am filled with emotions I didn’t think I was capable of having but most of all I feel proud. Throughout the year I have allowed myself to feel silly and odd but also sad and angry. The knowledge that it will all work itself out and that everything for me really does happen for a reason has kept me going. I’ve seen change within myself that I didn’t think could happen. I’ve become more open, more honest, more caring, more kind, and more appreciative for the life that I have.

I’ve never been closer to the people in my life that I share love with. My family, especially my mother, brother and grandparents; I was unaware I could love them more and more each day, but I do. I told everyone last year that I was going to move to California, and I am so proud of myself for making this LA dream of mine come to life. Being here makes me appreciate, love, and miss my mom and brother so much it hurts. Now that I’m so closer to my grandparents my appreciation, love, and desire to spend more time with them deepens. My love has also deepened for my incredible friends who have liked, shared, and supported everything I have ever done and even more so in this past year.

I also want to take this time to thank my best friend, Turner, for always being there for me at any hour of the day or night. Without her intellect and master editing skills, CoreyRae.com would not be at the caliber it is today. This post is dedicated to you.

Thank you to all of my family, friends, and followers. My appreciation for you spans far beyond the words in this post. Here’s to many more years of CoreyRae.com and the movement I have devoted my life to.

xxoo Corey Rae

Summer Sum Up

Summer Sum Up

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