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Here I document my experiences as a young transgender woman through my personal blog, I’mCoreyRae. I use this site to elevate my story as well as other LGBTQ+ community members.

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January 2019

January 2019

What. A. Month. A whirlwind is the best way to describe these weeks following the New Year. I spent NYE surrounded by friends and dancing my way into 2019. Since moving to LA, this January has been the most transformative month of my life. So much has come full circle, and many new ventures have started.

I was asked by an online publication to pitch any award show season ideas for a written article. Knowing my friend Amber, who starred as Mera in Aquaman, was making waves with her red carpet looks and asked if she was going to any shows, and if so, could I interview her about the getting ready process. That turned into her asking me to be her date. A few days later, I was on the red carpet with her for the Golden Globes and my world changed. My social media started to blow up, and 24 hours later I was featured in People.com, and the following day an interview with them came out. When I was asked to do the interview I started to cry. I found myself through a People Magazine, and now they want to interview me? I could help some other trans-girl in the same way a transperson helped me by sharing their story. I was overwhelmed with so many different emotions, but all good ones, of course.

Surrounded by family at Grandma’s birthday dinner

StyleCaster Self Love piece

Michaela visiting, obsessed with Escape rooms now

VOTY Award at BlogHer Conference

Hannah perform at Peppermint Club

LGBT Center about working with them, which is something I’ve wanted to do for two years now!

Influencer parties to end a great month

February 2019

February 2019

2018 Highlights

2018 Highlights