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New York, I Love You. XXOO

New York, I Love You. XXOO

The time has come to publish my final post as an East Coaster. My adventure back to Los Angeles begins tomorrow and I could not be more excited for this fresh start.

New York is home to so many magical memories for me. From cool jobs, fun photo shoots, wild nights, to romantic dates, I can honestly say I'm leaving New York with experiences only some are lucky enough to have in their lifetime. I can't imagine my life without living in New York to shape who I am. I had the opportunity to learn and grow in the city known as "the greatest in the world," and for that I am thankful.

As I go off to LA, I have many goals to accomplish. The thrill of this journey is the uncertainty of how I will make them happen. The only thing I know for sure, is that I will not fail.

As I mentioned in my last post, this is my year to shine and become even more proactive about changing the lives of transgender people. I feel that I now more than ever I have a responsibility to continue to pave the way for every trans person to come.

I will fight for our rights, and help the American education system to implement a more well rounded sexual education curriculum for our youth. Unvoiced topics such as the gender and sexuality spectrum, rape culture, being comfortable in one's own skin, and overall respect for different lifestyles is what I aim to bring into our schools. We cannot rely on all parents to take the time to teach these crucial subject matters to our children. It is time to become progressive about making this change.

I will do whatever it takes to make sure transgender children transition more comfortably, and have a true leader to look up to and follow in their footsteps. I know I am capable of these things, but how they come into fruition will be an adventure of its own.

Like the title of the last episode of Gossip Girl, "New York, I Love You," but I'm ready for something different… and better weather.

Mom, I'm going to miss you more than I can put into words. Thank you for everything. I love you.

To all my friends on the East Coast, thank you for supporting me, loving me, and experiencing with me all that NYC has to offer. I will miss you, and you're welcome for giving you a reason to visit the “Best Coast.”

Watch out LA, there's a new girl in town.


Written by Corey Rae --- Edited by Emily Turner

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