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 Photo by Justice Apple

Photo by Justice Apple


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I'm Corey Rae, a transgender activist, advocate, and educator who is helping to change the way society views the transgender community. I'm a California native, was raised mostly in New Jersey, and have recently embarked on a one-way trip back home to LA.

This site showcases my story as a "passable" transgender female along with illustrations of a positive transgender experience.

I have a strong academic and personal knowledge of the LGBT community. As I've been lucky enough to live a "normal" stealth life, I admit to not identifying wholly with being transgender in the past. With a passion for public speaking, honest communication, and working with others, I have my sights set on becoming a face of the transgender community; being a spokesperson for human rights organizations, spreading the word of transgender acceptance, and changing the public's perceptions of transgender stereotypes. 

I hope to inspire acceptance. I don’t hold back and I won’t on here either. I’m going to tell it like it is, and say what everyone else is thinking (but won’t say out loud). The world needs to be put into place and I’m going to help do it. So read up, because I have a lot to say.