I'm Corey Rae, a transgender activist, entertainer, model, public speaker, and writer who helps break social stigmas surrounding transgender women. Although born in California, I lived in New Jersey and New York for 17 years, and embarked on a one-way trip back home to LA in early 2017.

This site showcases my journey as a transgender woman through my writing, which illustrates my life experiences, as well shares the stories of other positive and unique LGBTQ+ members.

I have a strong academic and personal knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community. I've been lucky enough to live an "abnormally normal life” by being stealth in college, and I admit to not identifying wholly with being transgender in the past. Knowing that I’ve become my own dream come true, I have my sights set on making a monumental difference for the transgender community.

I hope to inspire confidence, persistence, and thoughtfulness. 


Photo by Justice Apple

Photo by Justice Apple